Art Consultation Services


Services we offer:

Private research: Care to know if your painting was exhibited at the Salon? Or perhaps if it was owned by William Randolph Hearst? Today, there is more information available than ever available related to provenance and exhibition history. Many owners and collectors today want to be more informed about the history behind their collection, let us seek it out for you.

Collection assessment:  We can provide a detailed examination of the artwork in your collection in the form of written and high resolution photographic documentation backed by decades of experience.

Private Sales:    Seeking a particular artist’s work? Perhaps a specific or unique genre? Let us help. Whether in a gallery, at auction, or privately we can connect you with the piece you are looking for.

Presale services:  Allow us to walk you through the underlying condition of a prospective purchase, step by step before you buy. Furthermore, if called for, we can formulate a treatment proposal in the form of a verbal or written estimate before you make a big investment. We can help offer piece of mind that what you are buying is in a condition worthy of your collection.

Please “Contact us” if you would like to learn more about variety of collections services can offer.